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Script-easy® Confidential Prescription Dispensing Service

Script-easy® Confidential Prescription Dispensing Service

Script-easy® is a convenient and confidential prescription dispensing service designed to provide you with your product requirements in a fast, accurate and professional manner. We will deliver prescription products direct to your door in a discreet, unmarked package.

Welcome to your prescription service

Script-easy® is a FREE Home Delivery service provided by BD. A Dispensing Appliance Contractor (DAC) registered with the NHS, Script-easy® can dispense continence and stoma appliances and medical devices on receipt of your prescription. Delivery is free of charge. Only the prescription fee is payable unless you are exempt.

Script-easy® provides confidential advice and help with your prescription products and we provide fast, reliable delivery from our comprehensive range of stock. If a product is not available from a supplier we can offer alternatives to suit your needs until stocks become available

Our aim is to go the extra mile for our patients to provide a quality prescription delivery service ensuring you receive your continence or ostomy products simply, discreetly and conveniently, helping you get on with your daily life.


FREE Home Delivery service

In most cases Script-easy® will obtain your prescription from your GP or Healthcare Professional on your behalf. Script-easy® is connected to the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) in England. With the EPS system, if your GP surgery operates this service they would send prescriptions electronically straight to us, similar to an email, saving time and effort for those with regular repeat prescriptions. Prescribed items are free of charge if you are over 60 or aged between 18-60 and have a valid reason for exemption. (A full list of exemptions can be found on the NHS website). If you do pay for your prescribed items, then Script-easy® will request payment from you which can be made by credit card or bank transfer.

Script-easy® dispenses NHS prescription items in plain packaging and will deliver to your home or to an alternative address of your choice within the UK. You can collect your prescription items from us if you prefer.


NHS Professionals

If you are an NHS Professional, your dedicated ordering service is available on the NHS Network

HSCN Service

Note : You can only access the above link whilst on the NHS HSCN network

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